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Our Mission

We didn’t find our mission. Our mission found us.

In 1998, after a company founder, a former NASA Johnson Space Center engineer, was approached by hospital staff to create an easier-to-use telephone interpretation system so they could effectively communicate with patients about routine health visits and even emergency visits. Our founder had experience in interpretation systems after working on the 16-country International Space Station project where interpretation systems would be needed.

We soon realized the importance that accurate phone interpretation can have in situations emergency health situations, providing better service to customers or even better support to the government’s constituents.

Interpretation Experience

For over 18 years, WorldWide Interpreters has been providing on-demand phone interpretation to local governments, hospitals and businesses across the United States. We’ve worked with clients across 21 states and continue to expand into new areas each month.

Our interpreters and translators are U.S. based and are located across 31 states. Our quality control and interpreter standards ensure that our staff meets or exceeds industry-level certifications through company certifications and national certifications. Many of our interpreters also hold specialized certifications in areas such as medical terminology and court interpretation standards.

We provide on-demand telephone interpretation to those who need it. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Quality Interpreters

Our interpreters are stringently screened before becoming a WorldWide Interpreters’ Interpreter. All of our interpreters are U.S. Based which ensures contextual and cultural accuracy on top of the use of relevant terminology in a business or healthcare settings.

Interpreters receive ongoing training and some obtain Specialized Certifictions relevant to higher Healthcare or Government standards.

Trusted by Maricopa County since 1999

With 13 separate facilities – World Wide Interpreters is now on its third contiguous contract award to MIHS for all its interpretation services, including American Sign Language, using internet-based video. The relationship began in December 1999 with a second renewal in 2003 and a third in 2009.
– Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), Maricopa County, AZ