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  • Hospitals & Surgical Centers
  • Pharmacies & Drug Stores
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Nursing Homes
  • Clinics & Rapid Care Centers
  • Health Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers

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Note: 7-Day Free Trial applies only to Over-the-Phone interpretation services

Interpretation Capabilities

  • We have a proven track record of providing over-the-phone interpretation services to clients both large and small.
  • We handle large volume interpretation calls each day for large State Governments and Hospital networks
  • We can quickly get new clients setup (matter of minutes)
  • Capacity to quickly transition large-scale clients from a previous interpretation company
  • Ability to provide over-the-phone interpretation conference calls between the calling party, the limited English speaker, the interpreter and the operator
  • Confidentiality between clients, our interpreters and our office staff to ensure optimal communication

1 in 5 people in the U.S. speak a language other than English at home and 80% of people prefer patient care in their own language

Some of Our Happy Healthcare Clients

Maricopa Integrated Health System uses WorldWide Interpreters for Phone Interpretation
First Choice Cooperative uses WorldWide Interpreters for Phone Interpretation
Seton Healthcare uses WorldWide Interpreters for Phone Interpretation
Dell Children's Medical Center uses WorldWide Interpreters for Phone Interpretation

Your Experience

  • Not only will you notice faster patient times and efficiency when phone interpretation is there for you, on-demand.
  • You’ll also notice higher patient satisfaction and after care compliance by simply communicating in their language, where they feel comfortable.
  • Being better able to serve the community around you, regardless of language, will also attract new patients and more talent.
  • We’ll help you meet HIPAA Compliance through stringent screening and confidentiality systems

What About…

Medical Knowledge?

Our interpreters have training in medical terminology with coursework in anatomy and physiology, medical specialties, healthcare practices, diagnostic procedures & testing, and pathology & treatment.

Confidentiality and Compliance?

Background checks on top of systems in place to protect patient anonymity ensure that your healthcare facility maintains compliance with strict regulations like HIPAA and patient protection laws. Our interpreters must pass testing in code of ethics and observe national standard practices for medical interpreters in healthcare.

Quality Interpretation?

Our interpreters must meet undergo a screening process, testing and training that qualifies them to professionally handle medical terminology, ethics, linguistic challenges, sight translation, and cultural competence.

7 Day Risk-Free Trial

We make it easy for you to give WorldWide Interpreters a try. In as little as 30 minutes, we can have you setup and connected with an interpreter!

Languages & Dialects Supported

Million Minutes Interpreted Annually

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24/7 Access. Anytime. Anywhere.

How Does It Work?

Connect to an interpreter in 15 seconds or less!

Step 1

Enter your assigned PIN code

Step 2

Connect directly to an interpreter or operator

Step 3

Start the conversation between physician, patient, interpreter

Step 4

Create 1 more happy patient

Trusted by FirstChoice Cooperative

There is no other company that provides a wireless telephone interpretation system with the design features specifically for the health care system. As an example of the importance of these advantages, after an extensive competitive evaluation process, the board members of FirstChoice Cooperative (over 20,000 members nation-wide, which include hospitals, healthcare facilities, MSO clinics, rural clinics, home health agencies, reference labs, and emergency medical services) recently selected WorldWide Interpreters, in a 17 to 1 vote over Language Line and other contenders, to be the sole source provider for their member companies.

The primary reason was that our system is so much easier to use. If the language interpretation system is not user-friendly, it is inevitable that caregivers will revert to using housekeeping staff or underage family members as interpreters.